As a kid I grew up outside no matter what the season, no matter what the temperature. My Dad always said, "Weather is nothing, as long as you’re dressed for it". I never stressed about the weather. In fact, I never really even thought about it, I just let the door slam behind me. Not mucb2ap3_thumbnail_Black-and-White-forest_20170209-161737_1.jpgh has changed as the years have slipped past. 

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great post to read These days I swing my leg over my bike every morning for my commute to work no matter what Mother Nature is doing. Just the other day a teacher stopped me and asked, "Is there any weather you won’t ride in?" I honestly pondered his question for a moment and simply replied, "No, not really". "Amazing" he mumbled as he walked away. I thought to myself that it wasn’t that amazing; it was just a way of life for me, and something I no longer even think about. There are times when I will pedal through the entire ride barely conscious of what I’m doing. In those times it’s the cold wind on my face, the hum of my tires, and the rhythm of my breathing that become my whole world.

moved here As I coast up to my building and dismount into an ocean of black top, pocked with islands of cars I know my day has started a little differently than everyone else’s. While I anticipate the pain of thawing fingers and toes I remind myself that I wouldn’t change my outside life for anything.

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