rencontre artiste b2ap3_thumbnail_DT-sunset-1_20170117-162020_1.jpgSome say when one chapter ends another begins. I guess that's true, but it's never easy to say what that new chapter will look like. Not to mention, it's never easy to say good bye to that last chapter.

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usa private dating .com As I head into the 2017 bike season I will still be riding as hard as I ever have, but I'll be without the Salsa Cycles family that I have grown so fond of. Salsa decided to go a different way than the way I was heading. I'm o.k. with that and I have nothing but gratitude toward them. So many friends were made and so many experiences were experienced. Seven long (but quick), years I rode with their logo strapped across my back. I wore that logo with pride! I still remember the day I licked the envelope containing my bike resume and sent it off to Bloomington, MN. I certainly had no idea what lay ahead of me after that envelope landed in the mail box. "Adventure By Bike" was going to be the new slogan. Hell, I was already having adventures on my bike, it was a perfect fit. Countless races, including several Trans Iowas, 7 Dirty Kanzas, 2 Vapor Trail 125's, a death defying experience at the Arrowhead 135, and a 5th overall at the Lutsen 99'er were just some of the accomplishments I notched into my handle bar while riding with Salsa. All the while I wrote my stories in an attempt to somehow preserve the experience for myself so that I'd be able to someday look back and try to relive these life changing moments. One particular story gained significant traction. I called it "Racing the Kansas Sun". This story's title eventually got changed to "Racing the Sun". The saga poured from my fingertips into the key board like water from a faucet. I gave the story to the Dirty Kanza (for free) and they ran with it. The participants, who like me, just wanted to finish, now had something to race for. It made me feel good and ultimately left me with some mixed feelings as well. I never dreamed my story would become a promotional angle, but it did. I still hold the story close to my heart, because I lived that day and the story is true. It really happened to me and it was really hard. Like so many of my experiences it was one of an average rider overcoming obstacle after obstacle and never quitting. I like that story.

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anonymous So now, I move on to the next chapter. I will always ride bikes. I will always ride as hard as I can and I will always find the time to ride as slow as I can, keeping my head up and squinting into the setting sun. Thank you Salsa Cycles for the support over the years, but mostly I thank you for letting me into your family and for the friendships that I hope will last a lifetime.

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