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  • The Eki Chronicles
    The Eki Chronicles A "blue collar" cyclist's adventures from the saddle of a bike.
  • The Eki Chronicles
    The Eki Chronicles A "blue collar" cyclist's adventures from the saddle of a bike
  • The Eki Chronicles
    The Eki Chronicles A "blue collar" cyclist's adventures from the saddle of a bike.
  • The Eki Chronicles
    The Eki Chronicles A "blue collar" cyclist's adventures from the saddle of a bike.
  • The Eki Chronicles
    The Eki Chronicles A "blue collar" cyclist's adventures from the saddle of a bike.
  • The Eki Chronicles
    The Eki Chronicles A "blue collar" cyclist's adventures from the saddle of a bike.

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I was born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota and still call it home.  I have always had a passion for competition and seeking my own extremes.  Although I’ve participated in
many sports my true love lies in the woods.  Out in the

wild is where I can clear my head, where I find my peace,

and I prefer getting there by bike.


Race NameFat Bike Birkie
Date: March 5, 2016

Race NameDirty Kanza 200
Date: June 4, 2016

Race NameLutsen 99'er
Date:  June 25, 2016

Race NameWEMS Stump Farm 100
Date: July 16, 2016

Race NameMaah Daah Hey 100
Date: August 6, 2016

Race NameHeck Epic
Date: August 20-21, 2016   

Race NameMarji Gesick 100
Date: September 24, 2016

Living a Life Outside

As a kid I grew up outside no matter what the season, no matter what the temperature. My Dad always said, "Weather is nothing, as long as you’re dressed for it". I never stressed about the weather. In fact, I never really even thought about it, I just let the door slam behind me.


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Life on and off the bike

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Racing The Sun


See and feel the physical and emotional demands of endurance cycling as Eki takes you with him from start to finish.

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Cher Ami

Cher Ami, the World War I carrier pigeon that didn't know the meaning of the word quit. She was the last chance for more than 500 men trapped behind enemy lines without food or ammunition. Thrust into flight she carried a message tied to her leg back to head quarters.

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My sponsors have helped me turn ideas into experiences. Their support enables me to push the limits of what I think is possible.
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Schwalbe Tires

Schwalbe Tires

Simply the best tires on the market! The Nobby Nic and Racing Ralph with SnakeSkin protection have taken me through the harshest terrain and back again. These are my "go to" tires when I need speed and can't afford flats. 
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Rudy Project

Rudy Project
Rudy Project helmets and optics are the standard by which all others are judged.

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Ski Hut

Ski Hut

Specializing in high quality sports equipment and clothing, the Ski Hut keeps me grinding through the seasons.    Visit Site

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